Aims & Objectives

It is the aim of SHAID to become a comprehensive provider of services to young people.  To achieve this, our work is based on five objectives to become a more effective service provider and employer, these are:

  • To be the service of choice for young people at risk  

  • To have a wide and diverse range of services to enable long term sustainability

  • To be the employer of choice for professionals and volunteers who have commitment to working with young people at risk of homelessness or social exclusion

  • To secure the future of shaid through effective financial management and building reserves

  • To continue to achieve appropriate standards of excellence across the organisation.

Project Objectives 

Housing Advice & Support

  • Continue to improve existing advice and support services

  • Investigate options for shaid to directly manage emergency and supported housing for young people itself

  • Work in partnership with other agencies to increase the housing and support options available to young people including more emergency accommodation

  • Support and develop  supported lodgings schemes

  • Develop a volunteer mentoring scheme; to recruit and train volunteers to support young people in independent living


Education for Living

  • Evaluate, update and reprint SHAID’s  literature to the highest of standards to reflect the present market and legislation which is in force at any particular time

  • Investigate the need to produce other publications for young people

  • Increase the range of activities available to young people at SHAID’s drop-in facility and replicate the model in other parts of Derwentside

  • Expand SHAID’s homelessness prevention programme to more schools, colleges and youth groups

Promoting Social Inclusion

  • Continue supporting and further develop the multi-agency resource centre and signposting service for young people in partnership with other agencies 

  • Develop  initiatives to enable young people to access other essential services such as employment, training, education and healthcare

  • Develop community-based projects such as regeneration, arts and cultural projects to engage young people in society

Community Links & User Involvement

  • Expand SHAID’s membership to ensure greater user involvement and community ownership

  • Broaden the skills and experience of the Board of Directors through securing representation  from the local  business community

  • Develop further innovative approaches to actively involve young people in the delivery of SHAID’s services

  • Work in partnership with local housing providers, to develop a district wide initiative to explore different ways in which young people can get involved in decisions which effect their homes and the estates on which they live.


Single Homeless Action  Initiative in Durham Ltd is a  registered company, number 3659370 and a registered charity, number 1074505